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Multiple Candidates Seeking Board Position
Posted on Jun 15th, 2017

We moved to RPW in December of 2013 as part of a job change. As a military veteran with a diverse 20+ year background in Information Systems, Project Management and business process outsourcing, along with my wife’s background in Civil Engineering, our middle school daughter is growing up with a big focus on academic excellence. In my professional career I've traveled the globe teaching organizations how to adapt to changes in their corporate systems and processes (aka OCM) as well as led the Latin America region for SAP CRM with a P&L of $24 million. I've run projects with budgets over $20 million and have been the security, infrastructure and M&A Program Manager for a global leader in heavy manufacturing. I've been volunteering for over 10 years, helping build Meetups, bookclubs and other local groups that bring people together to learn and grow both personally and professionally.
It's been my experience as a volunteer that it’s vital to be able to cooperatively work together with many different people, each with their own unique backgrounds, life experience and objectives. Communicating effectively and being personable is crucial, as is being naturally collaborative since this facilitates accomplishing group tasks. Treating others with dignity and respect at all times in all forums is first and foremost in volunteer roles, and is particularly true for RPW's Board considering the wide ranging generational and cultural diversity of our approx 5,000 residents.
At the end of the day our primary mission as an association Board is to help maintain or increase property values, no matter what year the home was constructed or by which builder. That being said, with so many different wants and needs found throughout our community of nearly 1,100 homes perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a Board member is in not having how to satisfy all homeowners all the time in the ways they want at any given moment. So we do our best, and for example in response to overwhelming complaints from the community we changed our landscape vendors (not once but twice), which dramatically improved our open spaces and recreation center greenery. We had our trees manicured for the first time in nearly 14 years, and added them to our annual budget for upkeep. We also changed management companies, being a massive undertaking to transfer all open processes and historical records to a new system, resulting in a significant positive impact on our bookkeeping, finances and customer service quality.
We've also changed our corporate attorney in order to help us get our community documents in order and update the policy around deed restriction fines. In not too long from now we'll need his help amending our by-laws to allow for the addition of at least 2 more seats on the POA Board. And in the area of communications we’ve made fairly substantial gains through strategic and operational changes. Strategically, hiring a community coordinator for in-person interaction and for coordinating our multi-channel information publication has received a lot of positive feedback. Operationally, we've organized our communication touch points (websites, Facebook, Nextdoor, e-mail blasts, etc) with our members, have added reusable street signage for meetings and events, and began publishing quarterly newsletters almost 2 years ago. We've been told that this is helping keep everyone informed in a timely manner.  And I don't want to leave out the street-facing fencing along Wildwood, Ransom and Williams Way, which is currently under continuous maintenance. We know this is going to continue to cost us more to upkeep with each passing year so we’ve started the hunt for alternatives to traditional cedar pickets when our budget will allow us to upgrade.
If I can summarize my last three years with the Board, I feel that we've had two primary, structural achievements that in my opinion really stand out for us. First, we were successful in applying for and obtaining tax exempt status which over the coming years will save us tens of thousands of dollars annually on all purchases of goods and services. Second, we were needing to clean up our vendor list, eliminating the non-performing contracts and updating our under-performing contracts. As we continue to mature as a community we will continue to remain vigilant for opportunities to update our business relationships so that our members are receiving the best value for their investment each and every year. 
I look forward to your continued support in my current role and ask for your vote again this year.
I am retired and have time to devote to the position on the Board of Directors. I have a computer in my home and am very familiar with handling emails. I am an experienced homeowner having owned multiple homes in the states of lndiana (3), Pennsylvania (1) and Texas (2). Fifteen years ago my wife, Gaynell, and I were among the very first people to become residents of Riverpark West. We take great pride in our home and in the community in which we live. Our home has been selected as Home of the Month several times. l believe that it is necessary for the association to be strong for the betterment of the Riverpark West community.
My wife and I are active members of the church we attend and participate in many of the church's activities. I have served on and held office on the Beautification and Maintenance board of the church for over ten years. My major in college was business and I have a Masters of Business Administration. During my forty plus years of employment, I have worked in a number of different positions including the following:
- College Professor teaching in the field of business.
- Event Manager and Staff Writer for the Oil and Gas Journal (Panwel Corp)
- Marketing and Advertising Manager for over thirty years in the heavy construction equipment industry (Mitsubishi Corp. and Kobe Steel Ltd of Japan)
- Human Resources Manager with responsibility that included facilities management for eight years.
Prior to moving to Riverpark West, I lived in the Sugarwood subdivision of Sugar Land where l served on the Board of Directors of the POA.
Raul Trevino, Jr. has lived in River Park West since 2002 and is a retired Fire Department Operations
Chief and Homeland Security Director with 30 years of experience. Raul started his career in April 1976 with the Richmond Texas Fire Department. He left Richmond on October 1, 1977 and started working for the Missouri City Fire Department on October 1, 1977. He left Missouri City on October 1, 1981 and started working with Sugar Land Fire/Rescue on October 1, 1981. He retired with a Master Firefighter certification from the Sugar Land Fire/Rescue Department as an Operations Chief of the Fire department on October 1, 2001 and promoted to Director of Homeland Security on the same day. He worked in this position until March 31, 2005, when he retired from the City of Sugar Land. He then went to work for TEEXs as an adjunct instructor and has been there since June 2005.
During Mr. Trevino’s fire department (Missouri City) career he worked in a number of assignments. Mr. Trevino has worked in the suppression portion of fire department as well as working for 2 years as a driver on Fire Pumpers and Ladder trucks. While in the Suppression Division he was also assigned as a Company Officer for an engine crew.
During his fire department career in Sugar Land, Mr. Trevino promoted through the ranks of Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief of Operations, and as a Director of Homeland Security for the City of Sugar Land. He has been involved in the design and construction of fire stations, fire apparatus specifications and an Emergency Operations Center. He wrote 2 grants for the community in which attained a total of 1.8 million dollars to enhance the communications center, portable communications (mobile/hand held radios) and specialized hazardous materials equipment.
While serving with Sugar Land Homeland Security Division Mr. Trevino was assigned to develop the
Emergency Preparedness Plans for the community as well as an informative brochure to provide
assistance to the community on preparedness for hurricane season. Mr. Trevino also held the position of chairman for Fort Bend County Bio-Terrorism Task Force.
In February 2009, Mr. Trevino became part of the San-Jac Type 3 IMT and responded with the Texas
Forest Service to the forest fires in West Texas to develop guidelines and procedures for responders. In 2011, Mr. Trevino was a member of the planning team that responded to the Bastrop Forest Fires and assisted with the development of the recovery plan for that community. In 2016, he responded as a Joint Information Center Manager (JIC) for a Flooding incident that took place in Fort Bend County. Mr. Trevino wrote Public Service Announcements for the community.
Mr. Trevino is also a member of the BCFS Type 3 IMT that has responded to the Immigrant Children
emergency and stood-up and operated 4 different shelters for this team. He was involved with the first wave of kids in 2012, 2014, 2016, and again in 2017. Mr. Trevino responded in 2017 with a Crisis Intervention Team to address, investigate and recommend any action needed to be taken towards an employee and or a client.
During his career as a Fire Department Officer Mr. Trevino received several awards and numerous
training hours. Some of his Sugar Land Fire Department awards and citations are the Sugar Land Fire Department Firefighter of the Year and the Star Fish Award (2xs) presented to him by the Fire Chief for making a difference in the organization. Mr. Trevino is also a certified Texas Commission on Fire Department Officer Standards and Education Instructor.
I am Hunter Sandridge and live on Rustic Oak Ln. My wife, daughter, and I moved from
Riverpark to Riverpark West in June of 2015 and love so many things about our
community. I believe that I could help make the community better utilizing my
interpersonal and professional skills by joining the Board for the POA. I work as the
Director of Operations for Greyco Executive Management Services, LLC. In my role I
work with a multitude of different companies managing projects and personnel in the Oil
& Gas Industry as well as the Renewable Energy Industry.
I believe that my P&L responsibility in my current role at work makes me a great
candidate to join the POA due to a daily focus on fiscal responsibility. My role
interacting with clients allows me to work daily to help fix issues and find innovative
solutions which I believe will translate well to working with the Board of the POA as well
as our community. Lastly, having a young family living in the community gives me
tremendous motivation to help make it a safe and enjoyable place for all of us to live.
I am a resident in good standing and I have been a member of this community for the past 11+ years.
I am a family man and active member in my local church. I am also a veteran law enforcement officer with over 25 years of service, where I supervise and manage more than 100 officers on a daily basis.
I am an education and sports enthusiast with a passion for outdoors and cooking.
Being one of the first homeowners (Jan’ 2006) in this community has given me a vested interest in the short and long term activity that impacts our neighborhood. I would like to contribute to the future betterment of our community and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance!
I have lived in this community since November 2009 with my
wife and five children. Professionally, I serve in the Information Technology industry. For
hobbies and interests, I enjoy volunteer activities, mentoring & teaching, and studying/learning
new things/idea. I have travelled to over 12 states in the USA, as well as a couple nations in
I am a recently retired electrical engineer with 40+ years of experience in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, and well versed in the use of PC’s both Windows and Macs.  I am married but separated from my wife Agnes,  and presently live with my younger daughter Rikki.  Since I find myself with too much time on my hands I would like to contribute to my neighborhood as a member of the board in whatever capacity the board might need.  I am originally from Puerto Rico,  but have lived in the continental US since 1985, in the Sugarland Area on and off since 1994.  and in RW since 2007.  Thank You!