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Call to Action for Neighborhood "Champions"
Posted on Sep 5th, 2015

Fellow neighbors,
I am writing to you today on behalf of the RiverPark West POA and Committee leadership. Over the last several months many of you have identified and commented on specific areas of improvement that are needed to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of our community. These discussions have been heartfelt and passionate. Today, I am here to say, we hear you !
In the coming weeks your POA and other community leaders will begin investing a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to ensure that RiverPark West remains one of the best places to live in Southwest Houston. As you can imagine, the preparation, coordination, and execution of these plans is no easy task. Your community needs you ! One of the first plans we will implement over the next few weeks is the maintenance and restoration of each individual section monument in RiverPark West. This will require ground preparation, planting, and fertilizing the area around each of the monuments. Although the POA does set aside funds for the regular maintenance of these areas, there is so much more that we can accomplish with these funds if we as community residents take on these responsibilities in our respective sections. This will save our community several thousand dollars each year ! This will allow for more investments in infrastructure and amenities that our residents so desire. Or, we could possibly use the opportunity to reduce HOA fees.
So what help is needed you may ask? RiverPark West is seeking two champions per section to take on the responsibility of assisting in beautifying our neighborhood. One thing is very apparent when I drive around the streets of RiverPark West; there are so many of you who share a passion for landscaping and gardening ! Please use this opportunity to share with all of us your passion and creativity !
We would like to start and finish this project in the first couple of weeks of October and continue the implementation of routine care each season. I am excited to inform you that we already have half a dozen volunteers signed up, but we are looking for a dozen more. If you are interested, please send me a message so we can discuss this initiative and kick this project off.
There are many great things on the horizon in our area. This is one small step towards a brighter future here in our community. I implore you to join me in making RiverPark West, truly the best place to live. Let’s start building our tomorrow, today !

-R. Virani
Please contact rvirani@gmail.com for more details on how to Champion your section's Monument.