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Pool Tags - New Benefit - multiple pool tags available from Crest Mgmt
Posted on Jun 6th, 2015

According to our governing documents all RPW property owners are entitled to 1 (one) pool tag per address. So we've heard your requests and by popular demand your POA Board would like to announce that effective immediately, as RPW Association members you may now purchase additional pool tags directly from Crest Mgmt without restriction. 
For only $20 each you can acquire as many tags as you'd like. Want 10, not a problem. Need just one more, sure thing. Comin' right up. 
Send your order, including how many tags requested, property address in RPW, homeowner name and contact info, to (pooltags@crest-management.com). They have all the answers you will need for activating, de-activating and procuring pool tags moving forward.
As a bonus, we no longer need to create a ticket here on our Contact Us page to obtain a solution for inoperative or missing pool tags. We've eliminated the middleman by getting you an e-mail address.
Eventually we'd like to get an automated self-service option available for RPW so everyone can go directly to Oz for cards & answers and skip the email chains. :^ )
Please spread the word around about this with everyone you meet in the neighborhood. 
Thanks for the opportunity to make RPW a great place to live!